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Professor Maria Zambon

Maria is Director of UK Health Protection Agency (HPA) Reference Microbiology Services. The Centre’s remit includes provision of UK national microbiology reference facilities and infectious disease surveillance.

Maria is medically and scientifically qualified and has worked as a clinical virologist with R&D interests on vaccines, antivirals and surveillance. Main research interests are the diagnosis of viral infections in humans, especially RNA viruses, emerging infections and the development of new vaccines. Maria is Head of UK National Influenza Centre, and has a research group focused on influenza including antivirals and vaccines.

During 2009, Maria acted as UK national incident director in response to pandemic influenza and was responsible for multi-disciplinary team leadership to provide situation analysis, risk assessment and virus tracking evidence for UK Government decision making during the pandemic.

Between 2010-2102 Maria was responsible for the planning and execution of HPA (national) microbiology support to the Olympics. This has involved development of several new diagnostic tests for detection of GI pathogens and Leptospirosis and introduction into clinical frontline UK laboratories to support public health investigations.

In 2012/13, Maria acted as Virology Incident Director for the support to the coronavirus incident.