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Dr. D. Bogaert

Dr. Bogaert joined the Department of Pediatric Immunology of the UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands, in September 2008 continuing her career as a physician researcher, and coordinating and facilitating a collaborative research network on respiratory tract infections. Here, she initiated several ecological studies of the upper respiratory tract microbiome in relation to pathogenesis and prevention of respiratory infections. A Veni grant (NWO) and Top grant (ZonMW) have lead to the validation and adaptation of a metagenomic pipeline for analysis of low-density respiratory microbiota, the set-up of applied bio-informatic methods and the first analyses of environmental effects on such microbiota. Furthermore, she participates in and facilitates microbiological and immunological research projects linked to clinical studies. In the past she worked as a postdoctoral fellowship in the United States (Prof. M. Lipsitch, Harvard School of Public Health, USA, 2006-2008) where she executed in vitro and animal studies on susceptibility of infants to pneumococcal colonization and infection, with specific emphasis on host-immunity. She obtained her PhD degree cum laude from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands (Supervisors: Prof. R de Groot, Prof. PWM Hermans, 1999-2004), for her studies on pathogenesis of pneumococcal infections, focusing on (molecular) epidemiology of bacterial colonization of the upper respiratory tract. Amongst others, she was one of the first to obtain epidemiological evidence for in vivo bacterial interactions occuring at the nasopharyngeal niche. In parallel, she was also trained as a pediatrician at the Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam, obtaining her license in 2006.