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Selection Criteria

Criteria for The Macrae Foundation Viroscience Lab Award

  1. The Macrae Foundation Fellowships are offered to young scientists with or without a PhD. PhD applicants must have received their degrees within the last five years.
  2. In order to be eligible for a grant, your home institution must be willing to release all of your laboratory and clinical work for the duration of the Fellowship. In addition, they must agree that you will have the opportunity to resume your position at the conclusion of your Fellowship.
  3. All Fellows must be adequately fluent in English.
  4. Fellowship recipients will not be insured by The Macrae Foundation and are encouraged to make sure that the institutions which receive them are fully covered by any necessary insurance. The Macrae Foundation will not accept any liability incurred by these Fellowships.
  5. The Macrae Foundation Fellowships are scholarships. The recipients are responsible for any taxes required by the host countries.
  6. Only one application may be submitted per applicant.
  7. All documents must be submitted in English.
  8. All applications will be reviewed (in strict confidence), by The Macrae Foundation Scientific Grant Review Board.
  9. Fellowship recipients will be asked to provide detailed reports on the results of their work. These reports will be published on The Macrae Foundation website.

Applications that do not include all required forms, or forms that are not properly completed, will not be considered for review.

Application Form