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Collaborative global initiatives in science

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Collaboration to foster innovation

The Macrae Foundation offers an ongoing opportunity for scientists to broaden their knowledge and deepen their learning in the field of infectious disease by becoming Macrae Foundation Fellows.

As part of our commitment to advancing the level of research in the developed and developing world, our Fellowship and Lab Exchange Programs provide Macrae Foundation Fellows with 3 month to one year research Fellowships in their own laboratory or in a foreign laboratory.

In March 2012, we created the Macrae Foundation Viroscience Lab Award, enabling one Foundation Fellow to work under the auspices of Professor Albert Osterhaus and his acclaimed team at their Viroscience Laboratory in Rotterdam.

We strongly believe that scientific advances are triggered by teamwork and exposure to new perspectives. Our Fellows benefit enormously by working in close proximity to renowned scientists, becoming an integral part of highly selective teams, in their chosen field of study.

Our Fellowship program serves as one more way our foundation fosters the free flow of scientific research and information. Our Fellows are exposed to the newest techniques and strategies in infectious disease, improving their skills and bringing newly learned innovations home when their stint abroad ends.