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Collaborative global initiatives in science

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Our Mission

Advancing knowledge and research in infectious disease

The Macrae Foundation’s mission is generating collaboration and innovation to advance scientific research in the field of infectious disease and their intervention strategies.

Our international symposia serve as a lighting rod for showcasing ground breaking research and discovery, providing a platform for world opinion leaders, researchers, academicians, clinicians and policy makers to share cutting edge information. The Foundation’s digital Knowledge Center keeps the conversation going year round, with Publications, Abstracts, Webinars, Videos, courses and up to the minute news.

The Macrae Foundation has a deep commitment to identifying and training a new generation of science leaders. Our Young Investigators, Fellows, and Fellowship Lab Exchange Programs connect budding researchers from developed and developing countries with renowned scientists, with the aim of creating an interconnected flow of worldwide research and discovery in infectious disease.

Our initiatives include:

  • International scientific symposia
  • Reporting cutting edge, groundbreaking research across all platforms
  • Supporting Young Investigators, Fellows and researchers in the developed and developing world
  • Encouraging the collaborative exchange of scientific information
  • Forging strategic partnerships to further scientific discovery