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Collaborative global initiatives in science

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About the Foundation

Collaborative global initiatives in science

The Macrae Foundation was launched in 2012 with the aim of advancing scientific knowledge and research in the field of infectious diseases and their intervention strategies.

Growing out of The Macrae Group LLC’s highly acclaimed International Symposia, we generate collective conversations on topics of global concern, disseminating the most current research and fostering potent collaboration.

Supporting and awarding Young Investigators is a key part of our work and an important feature of each symposium. Here, scientists (under the age of 35) have the opportunity to present their own data, sharing ideas and information with world-class researchers and expanding their knowledge base.

The ongoing support and funding of young career scientists is at the heart of The Macrae Foundation’s mandate. Our Fellowship Lab Exchange Program connects Fellows from developed and developing countries with high-level research teams in the developed world. Our Fellows participate in groundbreaking studies and learn the newest scientific techniques, creating an interconnected flow of research on infectious disease across the globe.

Our ever-expanding digital Knowledge Center is an online library of Publications, Abstracts, Videos, Webinars and Courses, augmenting The Macrae Foundation’s impact. We showcase timely topics in the field of infectious disease, featuring the newest insights, reports, studies and information.